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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2010 2:30am-3:00am PST

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right, you are supporting the entertainment if we withdraw the after hours? >> correct. >> thank you for the update. >> this is just to continue. >> i move to continue. >> seconded. >> same house, same call? >> item c is ed ivey and this is an application for a place of entertainment. this was applied for on august 27th to add music on mason
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street. music is played nightly from 1:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.. this is mostly jazz, blues, and the like. this has been installed according to the application. the applicant is involved in running a restaurant near where we are now. they have not had any sound the issues. until recently, in charge of a blues stand at the bayview. the applicant has done substantial neighborhood outreach and the staff has received no objections to the applications. planning has indicated the
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permit and the use. when i wrote this memo earlier today, i did not have a response to i got it at about 3:30 p.m. and there are three conditions with their recommendations for approval so if i could just read them into the record. the applicant has a security plan. here is a good neighbor policy. the applicants shall be responsible and comply with all laws the applicant shall have no more than 40 people inside of the establishment unless they have a place of assembly permit from the fire department. none of this is particularly surprising. in any case, the staff is
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recommending the permit. >> we have recommendations with the planning department that says not permitted. >> that was changed and i thought that i had included it. >> if you see this in fact, behind you will see a permanent as a continuation of previous use sine on. >> again, president , i am here with the owners of the 50 mason social house. you might remember this as the
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sf comedy club. this has a type 42 beer and wine license which is a bar type of license with no hard liquor. i am sure you would like a community outreach list that the proponents have gone and done their duty and they are good neighbors, they have been good neighbors so they like to be part of the neighborhood and they have built out of the opening and this is really a gorgeous building out. mr. gordon is a jazz musician of some note in the community.
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this is the first block of mason street. this is a catty corner to 34 mason st. and this is a very popular restaurant. if you have any questions otherwise, my clients are here to answer questions and we will grant this with conditions. >> any questions from the commission? does anyone want to make a motion to -- is any public comment? >> when the executive director of a alliance for a better
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district and we have to send in a letter of support for this daniel and we believe that having a positive space in our neighborhood and especially when the owner has had this at a previous menu that has been operating in a positive manner, i believe that this will do the same. i was lucky to support this position on the permit. >> thank you. >> good evening, commissioner. i represent the north market business association. the north of market business association promotes economic development north of market and we fully support an application of the permit.
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think you. >> thank-you. >> i am the former owner of -- and i'm here to support the gentleman that asking for the permit. i think it is very positive that people are willing to open something -- i feel that music heels the soul. i think that this is a benefit to the community. i think that this will be a wonderful upgrade to the area. >> thank you. >> hello, my work here in san francisco, i have been playing
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music since i was 9 years old. this is great for the community. i'm very fortunate to live in a city that has such diversity and i have the ability to express myself. i've lived in york city for some time. i'm looking forward to the spirit of the city. there is diversity in the tenderloin and mission. thank you for listening. >> great, thank you for your comments. >> my name is susan bryant, i am
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resident of the tenderloin, the area where this will be i was there for the opening, this looks like a very comfortable place. this has the old san francisco kind of feel. i notice the music, i noticed that it was very relaxing. this would be catering to the jazz and singer-songwriter is and small bands. this is sort of very mellow.
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the only thing out ask is that they always hire local. and thank you. >> thank you for your comments. public comment is closed. >> i would like to think -- you are developing a smart response. the summary that you've given us is good outreach to the neighborhood and knowledge in that there are issues and the applicants can do the things that will address those issues
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and as a result, you have neighbors showing up in full support of the project. >> let's do this at the call of the house. >> item d, dba as pandora karaoke bar and lounge. the applicant has requested a continuance because of a land use issue with the planning
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department. this is continued to the call of the chair. >> so moved. >> a request for a continuance. >> so moved. >> the next item is christopher johnson doing business as one block down at 2080 vann-- van ness avenue. they are applying for one full table. this is a location permitted by the education commission.
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the applicants plan to operate a food-service business with entertainment in the evening hours. this is to be live music, open live tonight, bingo, and trivia. operation is planned for seven days a week featuring new american cuisine. occupancy is listed at 123 persons. the operators have had food businesses being san francisco. planning has indicated that both the planning and in a timid people are normally uses. approval is recommended with conditions. the most important one is entertainment to end at 1:30 a.m. and also a request for the installation and the surveillance cameras.
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the permit officer has indicated to staff that all approval but he is giving is predicated on the applicant signing a lease. unless they have new information for me at this time, there is not a lease signed so the staff is recommending that the commission grant this with the specifications that it out with les be provided to us that before moving forward. in addition, i want to remind commission that this is the previous location of the highest. the operators were subjected to a suspension and a change of ownership and this is something that staff is part of.
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>> we have done some reach out. we have had sufficient time. we've also had the neighborhood groups. we have tried to reach out to everyone in the neighborhood. i don't know how many names we got up. i have said numbers of conversations.
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we understand the history of the location. i think that hopefully we have eliminated any questions that they have. the demographics are different. we will be out here for a restaurant and bar more than a lounge. >> are there any commissioners questions?
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>> the ownership includes the two of you. any of the previous owners of this thing you when this was the highest involved in this? >> we might have a small center. there is no voting or managerial employed. >> have a seat and we will take public comment. seeing none, we will take a motion.
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>> yes, i move to approve. >> with conditions. >> this is just for approval? >> there is a second. >> same house, called. >> good luck.
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>> this is item number f, the applicant,wendy zeng dba has american karaoke center. they are applying for a place of entertainment. the applicant has applied it to run karaoke with no alcohol selling only soft drinks and prepackaged foods. operation is from 2:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m.. the occupancy is listed at 85 by the fire department. planning has indicated that this is permitted to continuing use. the station has had very specific concerns and has outlined the conditions that are attached to this memo.
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in particular, please note that they requested that the business close at 10:00 p.m. for six months. the applicant has responded to each condition and i have attached also the responses in italics. the staff has received one letter of opposition dated september 14th. the staff has also received numerous letters of opposition many of which are attached as well as for given to you as part of the packaging or binder. there's also a letter from the applicant to the commission and an additional letter to the commission from the applicant represented. i want to draw your attention to these documents behind the memo that are related to these set of
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conditions. the applicant is here with her representation and if there are any questions that you have, staff is recommending a conditional grant at this time. they are in a position to receive a final grant. >> my name is marsha garland. i am here to represent this.
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this is based on an injunction that had been drawn up by the city attorney for the previous owner. recently, that a planning commission hearing, there was another karaoke business. there is some resistance in our society to the notion of society.
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let me give you some visuals. this is the old place. these are very broad streets. there has been an issue with smoking and the illegal use of alcohol on the premises.
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i wish you had more clients like kurt. this is open until 2:00 or 3:00. we've really got our eyes open. this is no closing at 12th. the big issue here is that the police captain with who we met, we have done an amazing amount of hours both together and when we have gone door-to-door. the previous owner would like to end earlier.
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10:00 just doesn't make it in this business. also nearby, three blocks away, this is her nearest competitors. this is not permitted as of yet. they are allowed to stay open until 2:00 a.m. without a permit. i will step back and let wendy speak for herself. >> good evening, commissioners. i feel it is unfair that we have to close at 10:00 p.m. because 70% of my business comes from after 10:00 p.m.. my customers are mostly college students and family people who
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are looking for a safe and clean place to relax. please permit my business to open until 2:00 a.m. >> commissioners, any questions. >> you held other businesses, what kind of businesses are they? >> tapioca. >> what is your experience in running the operation of a karaoke club? >> i love to work with people and basically for the past six years, i have managed two shops. >> you don't have any experience with a karaoke club? >> he doesn't. -- she does.
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>> we have been hosting for the high school. >> how will you prevent alcohol from coming into the club in some way? >> when a customer walks in, we will pass them to open their backs to see if alcohol and then we could ask security to make sure that they did not bring this in. >> i put the bottle down my pants, this is not in the bag. >> to also use a want -- a w and.
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>> we will be conducting pat downs and we will have the wands as well. as far as someone having a flask or something, those of the types of things that we try to avoid and hopefully that will not happen. if they have them in their underwear or deep down in their pants, that is kind of tough. >> will you have female security guards? >> we will have a female and male. we will have two officers.
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will someone inside and won an onset of the board and as needed for pat downs as far as males or females, we will do >> my last question is for anyone of you. your opening a karaoke club with the same configuration. you are changing the name. let me finish my question. how is it that you intend to stop the previous clientele from showing up to that karaoke club? >> it is not a club. it is just a place for people to come, it's not a club. we don't have an alcohol license. my experience is mostly with college students.


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